April 2023

Christopher DeGeorge

I would like to express my gratitude towards Mr. DeGeorge for kindly sharing his story.

Christopher DeGeorge enlisted into the Air Force on April 2, 2002 after 9/11.

He was stationed in Offutt, Nebraska.

During his military service, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

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Your service towards our country doesn't go unnoticed. Your bravery and commitment for this country and US citizens is truly inspiring, and I hope you touch many with your story.

Thank you, Maria

Mr. DeGeorge,

What do you remember about the day you enlisted?

"I was nervous when the recruiter came to pick me up I started to think twice but knew it was something I had to do."

Why did you enlist? Why did you choose the army?

"I enlisted after 9/11, it was something that I felt I should do. I wanted to serve my country and do my part, however small it may be. I went into the Air Force to become a police man. In the AF they call it Security Forces."

What was a basic day of training like?

"Basic Training was an eye opener, I remember thinking to myself, "i signed up for this?" Once we became accustomed to the situation it was better and the days went faster. It was not easy and people were quitting and I just said to myself I won't quit."

What was it like adjusting to military life?

"It was hard at first to adapt but one day it just clicks. Hardest part was taking orders and doing exactly as told. There is a reason for that, when in combat you have to follow orders, if not you could be killed. Learning to iron was another one, it was not easy and I used to ask friends for help. We had inspections and if you didnt look perfect there was basic remedial training waiting for you. It's basically exercise until you drop all day."

What was your experience like while in combat?

"While I was in a combat zone I was not in direct combat. I did however go into an area while patrolling in Kuwait that had live mines. We were able to detect them because an EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) sergeant was there. He said, " Don't take another step, there are land mines here. If we back out in the same footprints we should be OK." It was at that time my stomach dropped and I remember getting tunnel vision, my heart started pounding and I didn't move, once I processed what was said I started to look for my footprints behind me. Sand isn't like snow, It was hard to make out my exact footprint. I did the best I could and we all were able to come out unhurt. Then the EOD sergeant put down C4 explosive in the area and blew it all up. When I returned from overseas I remember being always on high alert and most of the time I still am. It's something that I think I will have for the rest of my life. It gave me a new appreciation for what we have and the way we live here in the US."

When did you leave the military? What were those first few months out of service like?

"I left after my 4 year commitment. The military definitely gave me confidence that I can do more, I have a true belief in what I can do. 14. First few months out of service were nice. I didn't get a haircut for a bit and I enjoyed some time off to decompress."

Is there anything you wish civilians understood about military service?

"I don't think there is a way to have a civilian understand, it's like asking a female to explain what childbirth is like. There is only one way to know and that's to go through it. It was an experience I wouldn't trade."

Thank you for reading my story.

How did you stay in touch with friends and family back at home?

"We stayed in touch with friends and family back home via secured phone lines for 20 min a week."

Is there someone you served with that you remember fondly?

"I have a buddy named Eric Carbo, he just retired from the AF after 20 years of service. He was with me through boot camp and technical school. He is a great guy and we had a lot of laughs. Even though he was from Louisiana we got along very well, like old friends."

What are some of the things you and your friends did while deployed?

"While deployed we worked around 16 hour days, 6 days a week so there wasn't that much time off. However, I did manage to go on a day trip to Kuwait City. It was an interesting experience and I am happy I went. We also worked out a lot."

Can you describe a favorite moment from your deployment?

"My favorite moment was when we were told that we would be leaving there in the next week or so, that was a great feeling. I wound up spending 139 days in the middle east. That is a short deployment by most standards but it was alright with me."

"I did my best to be a good airman. I did my time and left honorably."

Christopher DeGeorge

Enlisted into the Air Force on April 2, 2002 ~ Served in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait

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